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invitation printing - THE ART OF DESIRE - Homosexuality, literature, unlike

Invito stampa

Venerdì 11 marzo, ore 12.00, sala Fallaci, Palazzo Medici Riccardi, via Ginori 8, Firenze


Conferenza stampa di presentazione del convegno di studi



Homosexuality, literature, unlike

Florence, 17 and 18 March 2011, Palazzo Medici Riccardi - Palazzo Strozzi

The Province of Florence and the Italian Institute of Human Sciences (SUM) are organizing the first conference high-profile international event dedicated to gay literature : in Florence between 17 and 18 March 2011 at the locations Palazzo Medici-Riccardi and Palazzo Strozzi, Sarah Schulman will discuss, Valeria Viganò, Mario Fortunato, Walter Siti, Giartosio Thomas, Adam Mars-Jones, Marco Mancassola, Franco Buffoni, Maureen Duffy, Paul Burston, Massimo Fusillo.

" The art of desire. Homosexuality, literature, difference" is part of a campaign against discrimination and for the exploitation of differences - liberty, fraternity , Difference - carried out by the Province of Florence.

Full details of the two days will be illustrated during a press conference to be held Friday, March 11 at 12.00 in the press room of Palazzo Medici Oriana Fallaci, the President of the Province of Florence, Andrea Barden, Director of the ' Italian Institute of Human Sciences, Mario Citroni; by Nadia Fusini, Professor of English Literature at the Italian Institute of Human Sciences; by Sonia Spacchini, Provincial Councillor for Equal Opportunities of the Province of Florence.

Valeria Gennero also will be present, a researcher in Foreign Languages \u200b\u200band Literatures and Gianpietro Leonardi, Ph.D. in Scientific English, the scientific committee of the conference.

My fellow journalists are invited to attend.

Province of Florence Via Cavour, 1 - 50129 Firenze Tel 055/2754825

g.boeti @ florencemultimedia.it


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